Monday Isaiah 48:1-5

Prayer: O God, let your Word speak to me today, in Christ. Amen.

What voice?

Because I know that you are obstinate, and your neck is an iron sinew and your forehead brass,  

Are you stubborn? Do you like to do things “your own way!” How about your mind being made up and not willing to listen to warnings? Were you ever sorry that you didn’t listen?

In today’s text, Isaiah is chastising the Jews in Babylon for not listening to what he had said. They were doing things their own way and not listening to God’s prophet. Like a pastor’s caution to a engaged couple who fought that they should have more counselling before getting married, and who didn’t listen, got married anyway, and then filed for divorce after two months.

Our devotion writer asks; “Why do we turn deaf ears when we know we should listen? Isaiah suggests it is because we choose to listen to the wrong voices. God’s voice calls me to listen. Will I listen or ignore it?”

Prayer: “Holy One, give me the wisdom to open my heart and follow your Word, through Christ. Amen.”


Isaiah 48:1-5

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

God the Creator and Redeemer

48 Hear this, O house of Jacob,     who are called by the name of Israel,     and who came forth from the loins of Judah; who swear by the name of the Lord,     and invoke the God of Israel,     but not in truth or right. For they call themselves after the holy city,     and lean on the God of Israel;     the Lord of hosts is his name.

The former things I declared long ago,     they went out from my mouth and I made them known;     then suddenly I did them and they came to pass. Because I know that you are obstinate,     and your neck is an iron sinew     and your forehead brass, I declared them to you from long ago,     before they came to pass I announced them to you, so that you would not say, “My idol did them,     my carved image and my cast image commanded them.”

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